Hvordan integreres energi og smart grid systemer?

How to enable integrated energy and smart grid systems

Making something smart needs data. This is also true for any smart grid activity: Successful automation of energy systems requires the efficient collection of as much data as possible – especially in retrofits. Enormous improvements can be achieved through intelligent data communication.

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Date: Wednesday 12th May
Time: 9.30 GMT | 10.30 CET
Duration: 30 Minutes

Why should you attend?

  • Learn how the digitization of energy systems enables much more than classic automation
  • Learn how to provide universal access to all available sensor and status data of an energy system
  • Understand how extensive data can be shared with the control room (Scada) for control and with the cloud for long-term monitoring, optimal maintenance, forecast and production planning
  • See how data from IEDs as well as universal and retrofittable sensors can be used to get a “full picture” of the complete system
  • Learn how the comprehensive image of the system that can then be created enables optimal, efficient use of resources

Who should attend?

  • Project Managers for Substation Automation and Digitalization of Substations
  • Product Managers of devices and sensors used in substations
  • Utility managers that need more insight into their systems
  • Sensor manufacturers that want to offer Scada & Cloud enabled devices independent from industry

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