Secure Remote Access With ProSoft Connect

This webinar covers how ProSoft’s new cloud VPN service can help with typical remote access challenges faced by control engineers trying to manage control systems and solutions all over the world.
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15:00 – Do you have a sample activation key?
20:33 – Do we need admin privileges for this setup?
22:44 – So only one user can connect the module?
23:20 – Can Team members connect to the module?
24:04 – How is the ICX35 connected at the customer end?
25:08 – Can we edit logic or HMIs through remote access?
25:30 – Does the ICX35 require a phone number?
26:13 – Can PLC configuration software run on the remote PC?
26:30 – Can you configure Two Factor Authentication for the Prosoft.IO Account?
26:47 – Are there other cellular options besides 4G?
27:26 – Can the remote PC run any software?
27:53 – What sort of data plan is needed?
28:49 – Can the ICX35 connect to the internet through a WAN port?
29:19 – Can I see the pc just like desktop share?
29:53 – Can a router connect using the password supplied by Connect instead of a remote PC?
31:00 – How many devices can be connected with ICX35?
32:00 – Is the channel ready for connection for remote PC all the time (like TeamViewer)?
32:30 – What sort of power supply does the ICX35 use?
33:00 – What access does the client have to see what has been done remotely via the ICX35 & Connect?
34:12 – What signal strength is expected in an enclosure? is there an external antenna?
34:52 – Can you provide a wizard app for mobile l2tp client?
35:12 – Would Connect work well with devices in mainland China?
35:42 – What happens if you have an unstable 4G connection? How long before Connect knows the signal is lost?
36:50 – How many tags can you share in real-time with a remote site via the ICX35 and Connect?
37:54 – If you access a PLC remotely, do you need the configuration software installed on your local PC?
41:18 – The ICX35 maintains a continual connection to the ProSoft connection gateway correct ? What is the “Idle” data usage for this connection?
42:07 – What firewall settings are required?
43:10 – Can users onsite be notified when someone remotely connects to the network via the ICX35 and Connect?
43:32 – Can you show us how to edit logic via the web browser?
44:00 – Is it possible to know who or how many people are connecting through the VPN?
44:20 – Can the gateway be configured to create an email alert when the ICX35 loses connection to the ProSoft connection gateway? i.e. device fault/power loss/network connection issue.
46:18 – Can I view the remote screen?
47:04 – More about email alerts.
48:31 – Does the ICX35 have any inbuilt IO like the ICX30 had?
49:45 – How are firmware updates for the gateway handled?
50:30 – Can you show a example how to send a remote command via mobile phone?
51:57 – How old is the activity log?
52:20 – Have you used ProSoft Connect as a remote interface?
52:36 – Can you talk about the data log and remote monitoring?
53:39 – Is there any way to make a VPN tunnel in Linux using the tunnel interface?
54:06 – Can you see the global ip address of the icx35?
55:00 – So I can use the Rockwell TeamONE app?
55:33 – More about setting up the VPN.
57:03 – Is there a limit for the number of SMS messages that may be configured?
58:05 – Is the telephone number used for SMS messages?
58:28 – What is the expected cost for ProSoft Connect service?
59:36 – Can we get this product for testing?