Secure Remote Access for Automation Systems with ProSoft Connect Webinar

This Webinar covers ProSoft’s new cloud VPN service that helps eliminate time consuming and costly travel to customer sites while maintaining excellent security.

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36:15 – If two networks share similar IP address domains, how does ProSoft Connect handle this?
37:45 – Can we access remote devises on mobile phones?
and – What happens if we go over the 1 Gigabyte per month per gateway device limit?
39:47 – Where are the ProSoft Connect servers located?
40:25 – Can Connect be used for remote SCADA applications?
41:40 – More info on using Connect with SCADA systems.
42:24 – How does Connect handle poor cellular reception? What if the connection is lost?
43:20 – Can we connect to more than one VPN server simultaneously?
43:54 – Does the ProSoft Connect service work in China?
and – Is the remote IP fixed or a public address?
45:21 – Does ProSoft Connect require the cellular modem to use a special M2M SIM card, or a SIM with a static public IP address?
46:14 – Can we use the Support Chat feature to ask questions about ProSoft products other than Connect?
47:26 – Does Connect support SMS alarms from the PLC?
48:25 – Are there any white papers available on security?
49:13 – Can Connect monitor changes to the ladder logic program in a PLC?
50:27 – Can we connect to our own wired LAN connection instead of a cellular connection?