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The use of direct current in the case of solar plants and wind turbines, energy stores and charging stations has plenty of advantages in terms of efficiency. However, safe switching under the use of direct current places high requirements on electromagnetic components: They must be able to keep high voltages and electric arcs occurring under the use of DC applications under control and to reliably switch them off. Schaltbau is one of the few direct-current experts worldwide with decades of expertise.
In close cooperation with our customers, we devise solutions for energy conversion, storage and utilisation that are more efficient and environmentally compatible. As a sophisticated customer, you will receive switchgear for the energy revolution, thereby provided a high level of efficiency and reliability for your system.

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High DC voltages are of vital importance for a successful transition to sustainable energy.

Schaltbau is one of the world’s leading experts in the development of reliable DC switching equipment.

Schaltbau has the ideal solution for every application: mobile and fixed energy storage units, charging stations, modern smart factories – as well as photovoltaic and wind power plants:

Wind turbines have snap-action switches for braking, pitch and yaw control. CP power contactors control high short-circuit currents in the input circuit of inverters.

Snap-action switches ensure that solar modules are in the optimal setting. If the modules have to be disconnected for maintenance, DC contactors like the C310 disconnect individual strings from the inverters.

If the energy produced is fed into the network, variable frequency inverters turn the direct voltage into network-compatible alternating current. High-performance AC contactors, like the CF, connect the inverter with the power grid.

Energy producers and consumers are connected via a DC intermediate circuit Inverters adapt the required voltage to the application.
Within the input circuit, CT power contactors reliably switch and provide galvanic isolation.

Electric vehicles are supplied with very high currents at charging stations. In case of malfunction, DC contactors, like the C320, reliably disconnect the vehicle and charging station – ensuring the safety of users and vehicles.

Energy efficient DC networks have an important role to play in the factories of tomorrow. CP power contactors take on an array of tasks within converters: as main contactor, they disconnect the full load galvanically in case of emergency – and can also switch the individual branches on and off as required.
Battery storage units make it possible to decouple energy production from the time of its consumption as well as stabilise the network frequency.
String inverters require bi-directional C310 contactors. These disconnect the battery storage from the system – irrespective of the direction of the current.

Every Schaltbau contactor is packed with expertise:
• (Safe)
High short-circuit making capacity
• (2000 A)
Continuous thermal current of up to 2000 amperes
• (3000 V)
Compact contactors for AC and DC currents
up to 3000 V
• (Efficient)
Low electricity consumption, low overall operating costs

We provide solutions for all safety-relevant applications.

Schaltbau – Your specialist in switching and controlling direct currents.

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