ProSoft Technology's Secure Remote Access Webinar

ProSoft Technology’s Secure Remote Access Webinar

This webinar covers ProSoft’s new industrial cellular gateway, as well as ProSoft Connect, our secure cloud-native VPN service.

Questions during the webinar:

8:05 – Will MBTCP diagnostics be added to the ICX35?
12:15 – Will SMS texting via Modbus be added in the future?
14:05 – Will the ICX35 include a web-HMI option?
and – Where is the cloud server located?
24:16 – Where is the VPN server based? (More information).
33:50 – Can Connect Support concurrent connections to several ICX35s?
35:23 – Is longitude and latitude built into the ICX35 or must it be manually entered?
36:02 – Where do the help messages get sent?
37:10 – How do I add a new ICX35 to my Connect account?
46:55 – What is the data rate over Connect?
48:23 – Are there limitations on how much data can be uploaded and downloaded.
49:42 – Is it approved in China?
51:06 – Can you have more than one connection open concurrently? (More information).
52:06 – Once we have security credentials, is the L2TP tunnel established directly between the user and the ICX35 or through the AWS server?
52:39 – Will it run in the Philippines?
53:58 – When will it be approved in India?
54:55- Does this use IPSEC encryption with the L2TP tunnel or MPBE?
55:42 – Can the ICX35 be used in standalone mode in India?

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