ProSoft Technology Multi-point Wireless I/O

ProSoft Technology’s Multi-point wireless I/O system is now available for sale!
This webinar covers the targeted industries and applications for the Multi-Point Wireless I/O system, as well as features, application examples, benefits and specifications.
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The questions answered include:
12:38 – Is there an Ethernet I/O option planned for the future?
13:56 – Is the remote location another Modbus® slave address?
14:58 – Can the Multi-point Wireless I/O establish a connection with any other wireless device?
15:49 – Does the Multi-point Wireless I/O have an SD card for local data storage?
19:55 – Does the Multi-point Wireless I/O have a 5 GHz type?
20:40 – Is there a high gain antenna for the 2.4 GHz radio to reach 8 km distance?
21:16 – Any suggested tools for designing multi-point when a customer is asking to replace default antenna or other accessories?
22:04 – Can I see how to set up the Multi-point Wireless I/O?
23:16 – Will the Multi-point Wireless I/O interfere with other Wi-Fi devices?
24:48 – …Even if the Wi-Fi is on site??
25:53 – What is the throughput over long distances?
27:00 – As a repeater, how many “hops” can it make?
28:04 – Is there an outdoor version?
28:21 – Is there any direct support for EtherNet/IP™, i.e. Allen-Bradley CompactLogix™?
29:22 – What happens to the data if the link goes down? How can I retrieve my data?
30:25 – Can you use all four wireless frequencies at the same time, or only one at a time?
31:40 – Will different sets of Multi-point Wireless I/O radios interfere with each other?
32:48 – Are there any design diagrams for best practices when deploying the Multi-point Wireless I/O?
34:00 – Is there a system for monitoring when devices on the Multi-point Wireless I/O system are down?

Watch our training videos for the Multi-point Wireless I/O:
Inputs to Outputs:
Modbus® to I/O: