Profile-free earthing and short-circuiting of railway overhead lines

For safe work on and in the track, the railway overhead line must be disconnected and earthed and short-circuited. This protects people and materials in the event of accidental reconnection and dissipates the inductive voltage that is present at life-threatening levels even after the line has been disconnected. If supply vehicles are also used on the affected track section during the work, profile-free earthing and short-circuiting is carried out. This means that the conductive connection between contact wire and earth is established in such a way that driving is still possible. Work is carried out according to the 5 safety rules. This video shows rules three and four, establishing absence of voltage and earthing and short-circuiting.

Equipment used:
• KP-Test 5R voltage detector, 5-piece
• Single-pole earthing and short-circuiting device
• Contact wire earthing clamp P51D
• Rail earthing clamp R50
• Earthing pole (5-piece)

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