POLAN: Structured PON fiber-optic cabling in extensive installations and buildings

POLAN is the intelligent solution for the communications cabling of convergent networks, extensive installations and sites with several buildings.

The broadband-independent passive fiber-optic cabling for local and customized networks is perfect for use in hotels, airports, stations, museums, universities and shopping malls. POLAN particularly demonstrates its strengths with a relatively low degree of use, small cabling systems for the cabling infrastructure and several sites.

The FO-based, structured cabling system POLAN requires very little space and maintenance, and needs fewer and smaller network components.

Furthermore the future-proof solution from Reichle & De-Massari is compelling with its long life at low investment costs. Moves, capacity extensions and changes of use (also referred to as MACs) are also supported.

The wide R&M range enables the installation of customized and sturdy variants of optical network termination (ONT) at the workplace. POLAN offers IT infrastructure managers, system integrators, planners and installers a clever alternative to traditional networks with familiarly high Swiss quality.