Non profile-free Earthing and short-circuiting of railroad overhead lines

Earthing and short-circuiting the overhead line is essential when working on and in the track. It protects people and materials from electrical dangers. On the one hand, this involves the danger of accidental reconnection. But much more important is the dissipation of the induction voltage, which is often still present at life-threatening levels even after switching off. To dissipate this residual voltage, a good conductive connection is made between earth and contact wire during earthing and short-circuiting. Work is carried out according to the 5 safety rules, whereby this video concentrates on rules 3 and 4, “establish absence of voltage” and “earth and short-circuit”.

Equipment used:
• KP-Test 5R voltage detector, 2-piece
• Single-Pole Earthing and Short-Circuiting Device
• Contact wire earthing clamp P51D
• Rail earthing clamp R50
• Telescoping earthing pole, 2-piece

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