Is your LAN ready for PoE? The hidden Risk in Patch Cords

In lots of local area networks (LAN) there is an inconspicuous brake for the data traffic. You should know the problem before using PoE on your network. R&M tells you more about this in this video.

The often-ignored vulnerability of the LAN and data transmission is based on certain effects of electrical resistance. Professionals know the phenomenon under the term of RESISTANCE UNBALANCE in copper cabling.

Problems are increasingly occurring in places where companies use their LAN untested for Power over Ethernet (PoE). Measurement methods, the technology solution developed by R&M and criteria for selecting patch cords are presented on our special page:

Companies often use the existing LAN infrastructure untested for modern PoE applications. Likewise, they use legacy or cheap patch cords to connect PoE devices. However, the challenges and demands on LAN cables, patch cords, and connectivity increase if high-speed data transmission and PoE with higher currents shall work together.

That is why R&M recommends extra testing of the LAN before permanently using higher PoE categories like 4PPoE.

Risks are most frequently found in patch cables with IPC contacting (IPC = Insulation Piercing Contact). This was the result of tests carried out by the R&M laboratory in Wetzikon.

Piercing contacts can age quickly and differently. Over time, resistance and attenuation losses can increase uncontrollably. Patch cords with piercing contacts are not suitable for a long term PoE application at higher power levels.

➡️ Luckily, there is a technologically convincing alternative.

R&M recommends the use of patch cords with insulation displacement contact (IDC). IDC ensures permanently stable, low-resistance contacting of the copper wire. Usually, no resistance unbalance occurs over the lifetime of the IDC patch cable.

➡️ BTW
R&M is the only manufacturer of IDC patch cords and the leader in insulation displacement contact technology. R&M marks PoE-suitable cabling products with its PowerSafe seal.

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