IntesisBox | Advantages for AC integration using AC-WMP-1 gateways

IntesisBox | Advantages for AC integration using AC-WMP-1 gateways

Learn how easy can be to integrate Air Conditioning systems into any Home Automation System IP based with our WiFi devices.

IntesisBox WiFi range of products are based in an ASCII protocol under TCP/IP and allow the communication with any internal communication protocol with the only requirement of having an IP connection.

Specific brand solutions:
Daikin solution DK-AC-WMP-1 –
Mitsubishi Electric solution ME-AC-WMP-1 –
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries solution MH-AC-WMP-1 –
Panasonic solution PA-AC-WMP-1 –

Universal solution:
Compatible with almost all AC units with an IR remote controller receiver –

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