How to wire an angled RJ45 plug in two minutes. The field-mountable FM45.

The FM45 is designed as a universal connector for fast, spontaneous, freehand wiring of twisted-pair cables on site. The latest generation of R&M’s field-mountable angled RJ45 connector is perfect for really tough applications.

R&M equipped the angled FM45 EL Cat.6A with a metal housing. What has remained is the proven super-simple wiring of cores and strands with advanced IDC technology.

In addition, the 90-degree version of the R&M FM45 EL Cat.6A provides an advantage, especially in difficult locations or when installing on the ceiling. IoT applications such as security cameras or smoke detectors can thus be connected easily.

The RJ45 connector can be fully and error-free wired and terminated in two minutes, as we show in this video. This is how it’s done!

– Remove the insulation
– Align wire pairs according to color code
– Pay attention to shield lance position (see video)
– Insert cores according to color code
– Shorten cores
– Push module closed (optionally with pliers)

► Here a video with the standard version of the connector, details for professionals, specifications, and applications:

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