How to plug the IP68 Outdoor Connectivity Adapter HEC-QR securely

R&M demonstrates the easy and secure mating of the fiber optic bulkhead adapter HEC-QR. Insert the new generation of IP68 fiber optic outdoor adapters in a minute.

HEC-QR is the new R&M formula for the most rapid plugging of waterproof and dustproof fiber optic outdoor connectors. HEC stands for Harsh Environment Connector, QR stands for Quick Release.

The HEC-QR adapters come with an easy and secure mating technique. You will make the plugging blindly in less than a minute.

Building FTTH networks and expending FTTA infrastructures requires more than robust cabling and rugged distribution boxes. It’s crucial to use unfailing harsh environment adapters such as the HEC-QR invented by R&M.

When it comes to mounting, the plugging operation is a major challenge. The connectors must fit correctly right from the first try. Dust may never get into the inside of the coupling.

Mating the IP68 verified HEC-QR fiber optic outdoor adapter requires only some easy hand movements.

➡️ First remove the dust cap of the socket. It’s designed for easy access. It can never fall off. The red strap connects it to the fitting on the enclosure.
➡️ Take the preassembled fiber optic cable. Removing the dust cap of the HEC connector requires a simple twisting and pulling motion.
➡️ The connector housing has a clear identifiable key position. Plugging the connector, you will get a visual and acoustic feedback. So, you can be sure that the connector was mated correctly. Even if you have no direct sight of the mating procedure.
➡️ Another clever technical solution: You can interlock the two dust caps. So, they also stay clean inside.
➡️ In the last step, tighten the retaining straps.

Remember: That saves a lot of time and costs. The installation crews get on with their work more quickly. It offers flexibility to swap FTTA jumpers very fast and securely in case the equipment has to be replaced.

✅ Applications
The HEC-QR fiber optic outdoor connector from FTTX supplier R&M fits best for bulkhead connectivity. The most important application fields:
– Fiber to the Home (FTTH)
– Fiber to the Antenna (FTTA).

This video shows the application of the HEC-QR for bulkhead connectivity on the ZOONA dome closure. ZOONA is used as a fiber optic distribution and drop cabling box and termination enclosure for aerial deployments. The HEC-QR connector is also suitable for the distribution boxes of the new CONEXIO family. With CONEXIO mobile operator, will build their FTTA macro cell infrastructures in a fast and efficient way.

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