How to indicate Power over Ethernet Ports – the R&M PoE Indicator

Power over Ethernet (PoE) brings electrical power onto the data cable. It enables awesome things for smart buildings and Internet of Things (IoT). With PoE, LED lights, cameras, access points, digital signage, sensors, and controllers can be remotely powered and controlled over the local data network.

Remote power supply over data network or Power over Ethernet eliminates the need for parallel low-voltage electrical cabling. This saves a lot of supplies and installation labor.

Imagine you have already equipped your entire building with PoE. Remote power is already at dozens or hundreds of links. In Smart Buildings the number of connected devices is growing exponentially. That’s why there are more and more PoE applications.

Where are the PoE ports?

Now it might be a challenge to keep track of all PoE ports on site during maintenance or changes to the LAN. It can happen that you have to search longer for the right ports. Plug in the patch cable, unplug it, search again? You lose valuable working time. You know the problem?

R&M recommends: Find instead of search! The R&M PoE Indicator will help.

Check out our small, practical innovation for the management of Power over Ethernet infrastructure. R&M now offers the PoE Indicator as an accessory for connectivity, LAN cabling, network distributors, outlets and digital ceiling solutions.

The R&M PoE Indicator lights up ports where PoE is available. This means that identification can be done in seconds, even in places that are difficult to survey.

This is how the PoE Indicator works.

The R&M PoE Indicator contacts the signal pins and detects whether a PoE-capable network device (PSE) is waiting at the other end. A flashing LED indicates this. This saves searching on site or in the network documentation.

Universally applicable.

The R&M PoE indicator is compatible with any RJ45 jack and replaces the blind cover or dust cap. It works with both end-span and mid-span power feeding. The PoE Indicator supports all IEEE PoE protocols (802.3af, 802.3at and 802.3bt).

Important: The port management of a monitored PoE switch is not affected by the PoE Indicator.

Our quality standard.

The R&M PoE Indicator is made of thermoplastic material and retains its shape under long use. The integrated LED and contacts are also of high quality, making the PoE Indicator reusable.

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