How to contact Optical Fiber in the Field – field mountable FO Connector

Field-terminable fiber optic connectors, such as the FO Field from R&M, help installers to create the desired connectivity everywhere. The FO Field allows working independently, spontaneously, quickly and economically.

The more fiber optic cabling spreads, the simpler the installation technology has to become. Installers should be able to assemble FO connections at any location in the blink of an eye. Why should you have to wait for fiber optic specialists and splicing equipment?

The FO Field from Reichle & De-Massari (R&M) enables you to complete more installation projects quickly and fully without any special training. The assembling process requires significantly less effort than splicing. This means you can make faster progress with fiber optic connections in every building.

With the FO Field, you can terminate any length of patch cord at any location. With a bit of routine, the installation of the connector takes less than 60 seconds. This video shows how to assemble the FO field and how to contact the fiber.

► High transmission performance.

The FO Field is available as an LC or SC connector with APC or PC contact. The mechanical and optical properties correspond to the quality of prefabricated and factory-tested connectors.

The transmission requirements of singlemode performance levels grade Cf/1 (APC) and grade Cf/2 (PC) and multimode performance level grade Bmf/3 are met.

The FO Field is compatible with all types of cables with diameters of between 1.4 and 3 mm. Its high stability also qualifies it for possible use in areas outside controlled room temperature.

The FO Field can also be used in operational areas requiring large quantities and low costs, such as the connection of residential buildings. Another step toward fast internet for every home.

► More details about field mountable fiber optic connectors made by R&M:

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