Free Cleaning of Fiber Optic Connectors with a genius R&M Tool

Cleaning a fiber optic connector could be a “dangerous” job. The cleaning stick must first overcome the laser shutter in the adapter before it reaches the end-face of the fiber to be cleaned. The laser or dust shutter blocks the path of the brush or cleaning pen. The flap may scratch. Abrasion can be caused. The brush hairs may bend when pushed in. They can get stuck and may wear out more quickly. And the abrasion can get on the fiber.

R&M (Reichle & De-Massari) solves this problem. And it does so with its specially developed downholder tools for cleaning fiber optic connectors. The R&M Support Tools are available for cleaning fiber optic connectors in the LC duplex, SC and E-2000™ categories.

The small red sticks made of solid plastic can be easily pushed into the adapter to press down the laser shutters. The way is immediately free for the brush. The fiber can be easily cleaned.

With the genius simple downholder tools, R&M is once again making a contribution to the user-friendly, efficient and maintenance of fiber optic infrastructures. Not only data center technicians will find it easier to manage the small but indispensable task of cleaning fiber optic connectors.

R&M recommends having a downholder tool available at every rack with fiber distributors. It can also be added to any fiber optic cleaning kit.

Do you have questions about the correct cleaning of fiber optic contact faces? We would be happy to show you how to efficiently and cost-effectively clean many fiber optic connectors. Contact your local and technically experienced R&M expert here:

Cleaning the fiber end-faces is essential.

R&M knows that contamination is the leading cause of network failures. Low-attenuation, reliable light transmission in fiber optic networks crucially depends on the quality of the connectors.

For this reason, dust must be regularly removed from the fiber end-faces that come into contact in the couplers. There is no tolerance for dust. The smallest particles on the contact surface increase insertion loss and can impair signal transmission. In high-power applications, dust on the fiber end-faces can lead to critical situations.

By the way.

R&M is one of the few connector manufacturers authorized to use the brand name E-2000™.
With over 20 years of experience with this connector, R&M is the market leader and has an outstanding reputation in the E-2000™ / LSH market.

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