FM45 EL Cat.6A – Disassembly Guide

The FM45 is designed as a universal RJ45 plug for fast, spontaneous, freehand wiring of twisted-pair cables on site. The latest generation of R&M’s field-mountable RJ45 plug is perfect for really tough applications.

R&M equipped the FM45 EL Cat.6A with a metal housing. What has remained is the proven super-simple wiring of cores and strands with advanced IDC technology.

The FM45 EL Cat.6A is the ultimate in quick assembly and disassembly for installing, wiring, modifying, and maintaining LAN cords. The RJ45 plug can be fully and error-free wired and terminated as well as re-terminated in less than two minutes. The disassembly process is quick and easy, just as we show in this video. This is how it’s done!

Assembly process:
– Remove the insulation
– Align wire pairs according to color code
– Pay attention to the shield lance position (see video)
– Terminate the wires according to color code
– Shorten wires
– Close module (optionally with pliers)

Disassembly process:
– Unscrew the screw nut
– Unlock the metal lid in the foreseen gap (use a small sized number 1 screwdriver with a flat tip and lift it slightly to unlock the lid)
– Pull out the connected wiring element / block from its connected position to the counterpart element / block
– Remove the terminated cable carefully

► Details for professionals
► Specifications
The design intention was to make it as intuitive and reliable as possible to connect an RJ45 plug to twisted pair of copper cables. Assembling and wiring as well as changing, replacing, or refitting LAN cabling becomes a no-brainer.

The full metal housing made of rugged die-cast zinc housing is extremely stable and durable. It protects the signal transmission from electromagnetic interference all around and can withstand temperatures from -20 to 85°C / -4 °F to +158 °F.

In addition, the FM45’s insulation displacement contacting (IDC) makes it reusable and ideal for PoE (Power over Ethernet) applications. The FM45 comes with the R&M PowerSafe quality seal as proof of guaranteed PoE suitability.

► Cable Compatibility
There are two diameters for each FM45 EL Cat.6A.:
– Cable diameter 5-8 mm
– Cable diameter 6-9 mm
The wiring method remains the same!

The plug is suitable for solid or stranded wires from AWG22 to AWG26, regardless of whether shielded or unshielded cables are used. Easily readable color codes additionally simplify the wiring.

► Practical when things get tighter.
In order to remove the plug from hard-to-reach spots, a jack guard is helpful. It can be shortened or removed completely.

In addition, the standard straight plug measures 46mm in length only, making it ideal for installations in narrow spaces.

Discover the application possibilities of the universal, field-mountable R&M FM45 EL Cat.6A. Stay flexible in your LAN installation with this innovative and high performance RJ45 plug. Don’t miss the opportunity to take connectivity in your LAN to the next level!

By the way, there is also a 90-degree version of the plug available. See here:

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► Applications in Industry and Smart Buildings
The newly developed design of the RJ45 plug housing supports data applications in industrial environments. The FM45 EL Cat.6A is suitable for use in smart buildings or even for flexible field installation of IoT infrastructures.

Further Areas of application are structured cabling, local data networks, direct connections, bulk connections, switch links and other applications of twisted-pair copper cabling. Industrial Ethernet, bus and data connections in building automation, security and communications technology, the Internet of Things (IoT) and home networks are also among the FM45 plug areas of application.

The FM45 is ideal when existing buildings are to be converted into smart ones. In addition to old installations, new network cables and RJ45 jacks have to be installed.

Installers have the flexibility to decide on site how the cable is to be laid, where it is to be cut, and also where the plug is to be placed.

Retrofitting of WLAN access points for better radio coverage both inside and outside buildings can easily be carried out using field-terminable plugs. Spontaneous network installations for concerts, trade shows and events can also be implemented with the FM45.

Finally, the FM45 plugs are used as support for servicing and maintenance, temporary installations or when repairing networks.

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