Cat. 6A Installation Movie

Cat. 6A Installation Movie

The latest Cat. 6A installation Movie Illustrates the termination steps for R&M’s new Cat. 6A Module.

Cat. 6A and Class EA. These two stand for the most powerful copper cabling of all time. They also stand for the future of the universal RJ45 format. These new ISO/IEC standards pave the way for previously inconceivable dimensions in local networks. Structured cabling systems in data centers, buildings and business premises gain superior performance and more:

– Outstanding security margin for signal transmission, plus
– Wide performance scope for demanding applications in the range of up to 500 MHz in bandwidth or 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10 Gb/s) in speed.

By going with R&M, customers move fast and safely into the era of Cat. 6A. R&M, the technology leader in shielded copper cabling, has brought to market the most powerful and installation-friendly Cat. 6A solution. These pages will inform you about the Cat. 6A system from R&M and provide decision-makers with a well-founded guide for the planning of modern high-performance data networks unsurpassed in reliability. …

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